28/10 To anybody interested in the topic of contemporary whale hunting, I couldn’t recommend more the lecture of “the Wake of the Whale”, recently published by the Harvard University Press. Its author, Anthropologist Russel Fielding, helped as a consultant on the making of my film, The Archipelago, and its new book is a must-read.

4-9/10 For the first time, my work will be shown in Azerbaijan as, this October, The Ray Cat Solution will be part of the 2018 DokuBaku International Film Festival Official Selection.

6/10 The Ray Cat Solution will travel again to the Netherlands as the film has been selected at The Innovate Arnhem film festival, a film event dedicated to environment and renewable energy.

8/09 The Archipelago is still touring: this coming September, it will be shown at Les Rencontres d'Adhoc, the great independent, underground documentary film festival in the South of France.

23/03 If ever you’re in Los Angeles this Friday 23rd of March, make sure not to miss the screening of The Archipelago at The University of Southern California (USC) as part of The XV International Festival of Ethnographic Film.


16/09 Really proud that The Archipelago won the Best Newcomer Award at Green Screen in Eckernförde, Europe's largest nature film festival.

24/04 I’m glad to announce the Premiere of The Ray Cat Solution in Quebec (Canada) where the film has partly been shot. It will be shown in Saint-Casimir de Portneuf as part of the 14th Festival international de films pour l’Environnement.

29/3-1/4 The Royal Anthropological Institute will showcase The Archipelago as part of the annual RAI Film Festival in Bristol. The film will compete in the Royal Anthropological Institute Prize category and the Basil Wright Prize category.

13/03 The Archipelago continues its European journey as it will have its Italian Premiere at the Bergamo Film Meeting in Milan

18/02 This February I'll travel to the South of France as the Grignan Film Festival is kind enough to invite me for a screening of The Archipelago.

20/01 In January, The Archipelago will be shown for the third time in Greece as part of the Peloponnese International Documentary Festival's International selection.

10/01 In the British national newspaper The Guardian, a review of my film The Ray Cat Solution.

6-15/01 I'll be back this year at the London Short Film Festival as The Ray Cat Solution has been selected for its 13th year edition for their "Night of the living docs" strand at the Hackney Picture House.


7-11/12 The Archipelago will be shown for a second time in Romania as it will be part of the International Student Film Festival in Bucharest.

1/12 I am honored that the prestigious Greek Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage has selected my film, The Archipelago, for their annual International Panorama film festival.

* 26/11 Another price as The Archipelago wins the Jury Prize at the prestigious Traces de Vies Documentary Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand (France).

* 19-25/11 The Archipelago has been awarded the Best documentary Prize by the CILECT (the association of the world's major film and television schools). The Award ceremony will take place in November in Brisbane, Australia.

* 18-20/11 Cornwall is still traveling and won the OCEAM Prize at the Olonnes Film Festival in the Vendée department (France).

15-20/11 The Archipelago will have its Canadian Premiere at the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival in Calgary.

5/11 As part of the French national documentary film annual event "Le Mois du documentaire", The Ray Cat Solution will be shown at the Cinéma Le Vagabond in Bar-sur-Aube (France).

18-21/10 The Ray Cat Solution will be shown at the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival in picturesque Western Austrian Tyrol mountains. Too bad I won't be able to make it there.

19/10 If you're in New York in October, don't miss the American Premiere screening of The Ray Cat Solution at the NYU Center for Genomics and Systems Biology.

11/10 The Archipelago continues its International career on TV as, this Tuesday at 8pm, it'll be broadcast on Rádio e televisão de Portugal, Portuguese national broadcaster.

4-9/10 The Archipelago will be shown again in Germany as part of the Marburg International Ethnographic Film Festival 2016.

2-6/10 The Ray Cat Solution will have its Dutch Premiere at Inscience, the International Science Film Festival in the Netherlands.

16-23/09 Interestingly enough, The Archipelago will have its Asian Premiere in North Korea, at the Pyongyang International Film Festival...

20/08 On Saturday the 20th, The Archipelago will have its Finnish Premiere at the Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival.

* 18-22/08 The Archipelago wins the Jury Prize at the International Island Film Festival on Brittany beautiful island l'île de Groix. I travelled so many times there for holidays, it's was great to be awarded among local friends and Breton filmmakers.

10-17/07 I'll be traveling to Armenia to show The Archipelago at the Golden Apricot Film Festival in the country capital, Yerevan.

4-7/07 I am very proud that The Ray Cat Solution will be at the center of the Annual International conference of Semiotic in Albi (France) as a tribute to the work of semiotician Paolo Fabbri, inventor of the ray-cat concept in the 80ies and main character of my film.

23-26/06 The Archipelago has been selected at the 14th Gdańsk DocFilm Festival in Poland - It is a great pleasure to have my film having its premiere in that country I like so much.

15-29/06 The Archipelago will have its South America premiere in Brazil where it will be shown at the Mostra Ecofalante Film festival in São Paulo.

16-20/06 I'll be traveling to the PELICAM International Film Festival in Romania where I'll be presenting The Ray Cat Solution as well as The Archipelago - looking forward to it.

* 15/06 The Ray Cat Solution wins the Golden Green Award at the Deauville Green Awards 2016!

10-15/06 I'll be attending the Sheffield Doc/Fest once more - this time as a member of the Jury for the Student Doc Award. It's a great honor to have been picked as a Jury member and also being back at the Festival and to meet up with some old friends gonna be a lot of fun.

3/06 The Archipelago will be shown at Le Festival du Film de L'Ouest in Rennes (France) - the screening will starts at 6pm at the cinema Le Triskell.

2-4/06 In June, The Ray Cat Solution will be back in Paris were it will be shown in several venue all over the city as part of the Imagine Science Films Festival.

5/06 The 5th of May, The Archipelago will be played at the Back Room Cinema in London Southern district, Brixton - you can book your ticket here.

14-16/05 Once more, The Archipelago will be shown in Brittany, this time as part of the Etonnants voyageurs festival, an event dedicated to travel literature and documentary films in the wondeful city of Saint-Malo. Wish I could make it there.

4-8/05 In May, The Archipelago will be shown in Göttingen at the Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival in Germany.

* 20-24/04 The Archipelago wins the Audience Award at the Sehsüchte film festival, the largest international student film festival in Europe. It's the first time our film is being acknowledged by the audience itself, I feel very grateful.

15-24/04 In April, The Archipelago and The Ray Cat Solution will travel to the Caribbean where they will be shown at the Terra Festival on the Guadeloupe island.

* 13/04 I am very proud that The Archipelago has been awarded a Special Mention for Best Short Documentary at The 33rd International Environmental Film Festival in Paris. Both this film & The Ray Cat Solution were selected there and I had a lot of fun at being a guest at this great event.

8/04 For the Parisian people, The Archipelago will be shown at 6pm at the Paris Institute of Geography as part of the film festival "Territoires en Images".

27/03-2/04 The Archipelago is selected for the 13th World Film Festival in Tartu, Estonia

18-27/03 In March, The Archipelago will do its Belgium premiere at the Millenium Film festival in Brussels.

* 21/03 I am very happy that The Archipelago has won the Professional Jury Prize at a festival I value a lot, the Pêcheurs du monde film festival in Lorient, France.

21-22/03 The Ray Cat Solution will be part of the Webprogram Festival - the first Festival only dedicated to the audiovisual production on the Web.

11-20/03 The Archipelago will be shown at top film event Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

15/03 An article about The Ray Cat Solution in the French magazine, "Usine Nouvelle".

23/02-3/03 The Ray cat solution will be shown for the first edition of the Busters film Festival, an event associated with the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

22-23/02 Cornwall has been selected for the International Student Film Festival and will be shown among other films in the hosting city, Chalon-sur-Saône in Burgundy.

22/02 The Ray Cat Solution was shown in Moscou at the ECOCUP Film festival - the film will continue its journey in Russia and will be shown in Saint-Petersbourg from the 21th to the 24th of April.

20/02 The Archipelago is now live on TV - It is now being broadcasted on Al Jazeera International and will be available on line for some times. You can watch it here as well as reading a statement I have written about the making of the film.

23/01 The Ray Cat Solution will be shown at the Fest'Yves Arts Film Festival at the beautiful Quiberon peninsula in French Brittany.

10/01 The Archipelago will be shown at the Hackney Picture House cinema as part of the London Short Film Festival, UK

5/01 Over here an interview I have made at the Bozcaada film festival for the Turkish television TRT.


10/12 The Ray Cat Solution was shown at the "Tank" venue, a fancy co-working space in Paris 11th district. The screening was followed by a debate : "How to send a message throughout millennia ?"

* 5/12 The Archipelago won the David L. Wolper International Documentary Association Award in Los Angeles ! Really moving ceremony hold by one of my favorite stand-up artist Tig Notaro at the Paramount cinema in Hollywood.

25/11 An article about The Ray Cat Solution on the French version of Slate.

22/11 The Archipelago will be shown at the Cinécran Cinéma in Plescop (Morbihan, France), as part of the "Mois du Documentaire" national documentary event.

4/11 A special radio show about The Ray Cat Solution on French broadcaster France Inter as part as the "Planête environment" program.

27/10 An article by Semiotician Paolo Fabbri about The Ray Cat Solution in the Italian MIT Technology review.

* 25/10 The Archipelago wins the Gaia student documentary Award at the Bozcaada film festival in Bozcaada Island, Turkey.

8/09 The Archipelago will be screened at the DokumentART film festival in Neuebrandenburg, Germany.

1/08 The Ray cat solution has its World premiere at the Pariscience Film Festival where it will be screened at the National History Museum in Paris.

21-29/08 The Archipelago & Cornwall will be shown at the 38e Festival de Cinéma de Douarnenez in French Brittany.

* 6/06 The Archipelago had its World Premiere at the prestigious Sheffield Doc/Fest 2015 and won the Best Student Film Award.